Definition of Yoga

Perceiving the world as it actually is and this specific state is referred to as yoga according to Maharshi Patanjali.
“Yogash chitta vritti nirodhah” has been stated by Maharshi Patanjali.
Chitta is the mind and the thoughts. Chitta covers everything that affects our perceptions, thoughts, emotions also affect our perception of things around us which is reflected in our body.
Vritti are the misconceptions that we have. Vritti many a times changes the perception and we live in a world of delusions.

Complete emancipation of the chitta and the vritti is a complex process. This process of attaining the clear state of mind and perception and bringing the metal, emotional, physical and energetic harmony is the state which truly defines Yoga as per Maharshi Patanjali.

This is viable and with thorough practice add immense meaning to our lives.

Yoga is a science related to spiritual aspects and self realization. Practicing yoga unifies the mind and our body and generates perfect harmony of good health and sound mental vibrancy.  Yoga existed since ancient times and its root leads us to the great Indian sage Maharshi Patanjali, who showed us a pattern of making ourselves healthier and mentally strong. The  term yoga is derived from Sanskrit word “Yuj”. It means to join or unite.  Yoga is a divine science which connects the body wellness through postures and the inner spirit that is our mind.

Improper diets, extreme work pressure and our distorted routine of leading life causes immense  stress, diseases, increases cholesterol  and causes other physical and mental distortions.

Yoga is one of the easy means by which we can lead a better life and reduce our stress levels and mold our life-style in a better way. Yoga imparts immense relaxation to the mind and the body if practiced in a proper manner under appropriate guidance.

Yoga covers a full set of postures for physical fitness, a set of special breathing techniques and meditation which enhances our overall self.